Ray Brower

Ray BrowerIf you are easily offended, Ray Brower is not the band for you. If you say things like “I listen to a little bit of everything”, Ray Brower is not the band for you. If you recognise the name “Ray Brower” from the melancholic movie Stand By Me, and are then lulled into a false sense of security that this band will fill your ears with melancholy, then I must repeat, Ray Brower is not the band for you.
Ray Brower.jpg 1Ray Brower will immediately fill your ears with what can only be described as TRUE metal. With their impending album Speaking Truthfully, Thinking Brave due out this October, the band have released a single on Bandcamp for us to feast our ears over. The track, titled Principles Over Progress screams through our ears with metal riffs, heavy drums and vocals that make you want to jump. While the track ends with the words “So fuck your progress” the band has done nothing but progress. Originally the band started in 2011 with three original members before a fourth, the bass player joined last year. They are currently signed with Fat Hippy Records, Aberdeen which focus on restoring the music scene within the much needed north east of Scotland. The track titled “Not All Hope Is Lost” will be available on iTunes and Spotify however, I have been given exclusive access to listen in. The track begins on a slower pace using spoken lyrics not dissimilar to Rise Against. As the intro builds up, we are interrupted with a reminder this is a metal band. As the screaming vocals break through, the track reveals itself to be a ballad, or as close as a metal band will get to one. As always, the vocals are spot on and never falter showing the correct usage of the vocal chords. While the song begins on a slower note there will be plenty of opportunity to mosh as the track breaks down towards the end and the guitar solo fills our ears.
Ray Brower will release this track on iTunes and Spotify whilst playing a sell-out gig on 1st July at Downstairs Bar, Aberdeen. I have high hopes for their album release in October and any follow up tours.

Ray Brower can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RayBrowerUK

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